Art and Industry 137, January 1937

Content includes:
Publicity In Paris 1937: Posing the question Whither Publicity ? Tolmer observes the trend at the Paris Exhibition.
Agency Pioneer: N. W. Ayer & Sons Inc., of Philadelphia, and their progress.
Trends: Advertising and Goodwill Could the Professions Advertise? -The Miniatures- Activity in the Special Areas-Remembering Your Staff.
Small Man’s Car: In 1912 Morris Motors Ltd. were housed in a cycle shop near Oxford, England. In 1924 three thousand cars were
produced in a year : now in 1937 more than that number are delivered in a week.
In Austria, Now- The Work Of Hermann Kosel
Industrial Design: The Otto Stove by Raymond Loewy.
Publicity Burlesque: A selection of the Grey’s Cigarettes press advertisements which have been the cause of some controversy in the advertising world.
Nicolas Bentley
Photography: A review of the Professional Photographers’ Association’s recent exhibition in London.
Film Publicity
Two-colour article-Small Man’s Car
Cover design by James Fitton

Art and Industry 137, January 1937
Art and Industry 137, January 1937

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