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Three-Wheeled Poise by. Alan Marsh
The Creative Mind in Advertising 6: George Him by Mary Gowing, FIPA
Stripes and Packs
Selling Milk to the British by Percy V. Bradshaw
Current Themes in Advertising Design-2: Pictorial Analogy
Transformation at Sunnyfield House by René Elvin
Scope in Silkscreen by H. Ashford Down
Functional Duality


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Art and Industry 371, May 1957
Art and Industry 371, May 1957
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Marin Lorenz has had an amazing career, designing for clients such as ESPN and Nike, teaching at some of Europe's leading design schools and publishing books, such as Flexible Visual Sytems, documenting his research and approach to design practice.

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These one-colour forms have a playful but structured aesthetic through their geometric forms, they remind me of the abstract line drawings of Picasso blended with Jan Tschichold and the New Typography.

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Katayama worked in several art and design disciplines from graphic design and sculpture to environmental works and sculpture. His design work features rhythms and patterns and has a resemblance to modern jazz and the studies of Josef Albers.

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The 1960 awards presented 420 poster entries from Swiss designers. Notable winners included Robert Büchler's typographic poster for the Museum of Applied Arts Basel and J. Müller-Brockmann’s Der Film poster for the Museum of Applied Arts and Gerstner + Kutter's asymmetric typographic poster for National-Zeitung SA Basel.