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Art & Technology
The Art of Packaging 3: A word about Adhesive by F. G. Hill, M.Inst.Pkg.
How much Japanese in The Japanese Poster by Kenneth Bromfield, MSIA
Product Promotion Techniques 1: Coming to terms with newsprint by G. E. Moggridge
Some practical considerations in Exhibition Lettering by P. Mytton-Davies
Colour Engraving Printed on Plastic – New Techniques by Dolf Rieser
Why don’t they bang a drum about The Quiet Kitchen?
New Products and Presentation


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Art and Industry 379, January 1958
Art and Industry 379, January 1958
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Last month (March 2022), I spoke to over fifty Graphic Design undergraduates about the archive and my passion for design history, after which the students had full access to items in the collection and participated in discourse amongst their peers and lecturers. As part of their critical studies unit, the students will be producing essays and content related to the impact, history and aesthetics of selected artefacts.

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The identity manual consisted of 130 pages of information and brand usage with Arie J. Geurts heading up the project as design director, (who later headed up his own design studio in Los Angeles). The identity uses minimal colour and focuses on a consistent brand blue in all communications.
This book shows, for the first time, all of Hans Hillmann’s film posters. Unpublished sketches and drafts from his estate along with commentary from conversations and interviews provide an insight into the creative process of the award-winning designer.
Unit Editions launches Fred Troller Design on Volume – the first comprehensive survey of the work of a pioneering designer who brought Swiss modernism to America in the 1960s, via influential projects for clients including IBM, American Airlines and Geigy.