Commercial Art and Industry 102, December 1934


Content includes:
Walter Johnson Designer with pen and scraper-board. By Kurt Zog
Look at Types with Eyes that See. By G. F. Wilson
Art and Industry. Famous Artists Design Cups and Saucers
The Aims of Young Designers. 7. George Plante
The Kind of Advertising I Detest. By Walter Goetz
Hands in Commercial Photography
Candid Comments By Loraine Conran
Imre Reiner ; Designer and Typographer. By Dr. E. Holscher
Luggage Label Publicity. By W. G. Raffé
The World of Print By the Road-Mender
Poster Design by George Plante
Poster for the Southern Railway by Austin Cooper


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Commercial Art and Industry 102, December 1934
Commercial Art and Industry 102, December 1934
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Wolfgang Bäumer's advertising design for Bayer, Klöckner Works and the Lottery. His adaptable design aesthetic alongside his skills of convening messaging through visuals are fantastic examples of mid-century German graphic design.

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Paul Rand, one of the most acclaimed American designers is known for his iconic corporate identities, playful illustration and commercial art. Paul wrote the preface for Yusaku Kamakura's book, Trademarks of the World, 1958. He states his influence of Japanese art and design, trademarks as a universal language and his struggles with English grammar.
Mark Bloom has designs for globally recognised brands, produces some of the finest, most accessible modern typefaces and heads up Mash Creative and CoType Foundry. His type foundry has always been a port of call for our studio's brand projects and he continues to develop these, each with a fantastic print specimen.
The covers of the periodical ALMANAQUE, which was published in Lisbon, are perfect examples of this pleasure in the unusual and the force of with which all sorts of foreign influences are assimilated.