Content includes:
ROLF ATE Documentation – useful information
DR. WERNER P. HEYD Interpunctuation VII (quotes II)
J. A. GEISSL Abbreviations and rules for abbreviations in German and foreign languages
DR. ADOLF DRESLER Who was the first illustrator of printed books?
Is quality printing a matter of luck?
A. BOLLIGER Sheet-fed rotary economics
An offset giant the Ambassador Perfector
A letterpress rotary for cramped spaces
HERWARD BRAUNEGG Printability testing of coated papers
Paper transport and storage in printing works
Automation in the produktion of milk paper containers
HEINZ H. SCHMIEDT The complete book factory (I)
Problems of gravure cylinder engraving
Surprises from Heidelberg
KURT WEIDEMANN: “Ways of typographic emphasis”
OLDRICH HLAVSA: “‘Typografia”


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Der Druckspiegel, 01, January 1961
Der Druckspiegel, 01, January 1961
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Magalhães developed over 180 brands and in addition to developing visual identities, he also developed designs for Brazilian notes and coins.

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Stephan Kantscheff (Stephan Kanschev) was a Bulgarian artist born in Kaefer, Todental. His colourful palette and joyous, folk-esque illustrations won him many commissions and his work was celebrated for both its quality and social significance.
Triest Verlag für Architektur, Design und Typografie are a Swiss independent publisher producing specialist design books in the realms of typography, graphic design and architecture. Their books provide valuable insights and the print production is of exceptional quality. I interviewed the founders, to find out more about their books.

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Collected Japanese ephemera From the late 1920s to the mid-1930s, from Japan's transformative period, with its robust industrial force accompanied by an increase in consumer culture.