Content includes:
FRITZ ZÖLKE Reproductions for small offset
F. RöDER Setting up a reproduction department for small offset
KARL BLÄTZINGER Composition for offset and small offset
H. LANTERMANN When should the letterpress printer acquire small offset machines?
I. Requirements and scope
I. Technical equipment for a small offset department
III. Platemaking in small offset
IV. Printing on small offset machines
KURT KITTSTEINER Experience with the Heidelberg Two-Colour-Litho-Letterpress machine D’Crown
KLAUS F. SCHMIdT The Polyfibron blanket for offset
Dr. WERNER P. HEYD Interpunctuation in foreign languages III (English 3)
KURT KALTENTAL Printer’s calendar 1961
ERWIN HORRWARTH Discussions on craft training
Andreas Alberts’ grown crops
Practical hints
Sloping lines
Makeready for embossing – rapid and simple
Anton Stankowskis’ Graphic Advertising Art


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Der Druckspiegel, 09, September 1961
Der Druckspiegel, 09, September 1961
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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