Content includes:
WIELAND SCHMIDT The graphic arts in competition with wireless and television
HERBERT CLANDON New ways of filmsetting makeup
FRITZ BRILL Photoanalysis in the service of the graphic arts
ERNST M. SCHNEIDER Notes on light sources in reproduction photography
WERNER KUNZ The basis of coppering and chroming in gravure
HEINZ KLEPZIG Surface characteristics, circumferential and etching depth control of gravure cylinders
G. C. WENSLEY, LONDON Part transfer on to large size cylinders. Scope for a new transfer machine
W. P. JASPERT, LONDON A new rotogravure press from Italy
DR. R. M. P. CONRAD Custom-built printing machines
ENGELBERT MUTH Doctor drive in rotogravure presses
DR. LUDWIG SCHÄFER Is there a universal gravure ink for all types of stock?
G. BlOKhuis Quality of gravure illustrations – an approach towards evaluation
DR. WERNER P. HEYD Interpunctuation in foreign languages (French I)
HERBERT KOSCHLICK Cylinder makeready
WERNER BIEDENKOPF Accident risks in the apprentice composing room
ADOLF GÖTZ Image angle
Dignified advertising for dignified products
Printer’s typography-composed in Folio
Supplement on printing and reproducing techniques, colour advertisements and proof printing – an interesting development, perhaps the solution of the problem
List of the most common abbreviations (Continuation)


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Der Druckspiegel, 10, October 1961
Der Druckspiegel, 10, October 1961


Der Druckspiegel, 10, October 1961
Der Druckspiegel, 10, October 1961
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Every year the 20 best posters are selected in Germany and once more brought to the attention of the public. We do not publish all the twenty posters today; instead we add some which failed to be distinguished and which nevertheless are distinguished.

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Omnibus was Published by the journalism working group of the Technical University of Braunschweig. A square publication measuring 290mm. The publication included features on politics, arts and culture. With advertisements carefully selected to be in keeping with the visual aesthetic. Content also included exhibition information and a fine example of concrete poetry, among artists such as Schröder-Sonnenstern and Sine Hansen.

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A selection of poster designs from Die besten Plakate des Jahres 1958 with a translated foreword by Maria Netter. Featuring the work of Müller-Brockmann, Celestino Piatti, Donald Brun and Armin Hofmann.

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Karl Oskar Blase was born in 1925 in Cologne, Germany. He was a prolific painter, designer, sculptor and exhibition curator. His work included magazine covers, for publications such as Form and Gebrauchsgraphik, stamp designs for the German Postal Service and film posters for companies such as Atlas Films.