Der Druckspiegel, 11, November 1961

Der Druckspiegel, 11, November 1961


Content includes:
The future of newspapers
1. ERICH WAGNER The future of news
2. BEREND H. FEDDERSEN The future reading public
3. The future of advertisements
4. TH. H. OLTHETEN The future of technology – Roads in Utopia?
The insetter control makes progress
ERICH WAGNER Valmy is also near Middletown
‘Asahi’ – pacemaker of technology
KURT WEIDEMANN Face-lift for a newspaper
HANS-JOACHIM KEMPE History of German newspaper advertisements
FRITZ FABER Newspaper color advertising on the march
WALTHER MEYER – STOLL Hi-Fi advertisements in newspaper practice
KLAUS F. SCHMIDT, NEW YORK Colour newspapers in the USA
H. HILDEBRAND Newspapers composing rooms and their role in the flow of work
FRIEDRICH STEPHAN Ludlow in the newspaper composing room
WERNER WOLF Efficient operation with display composition machines in newspaper and magazine offices
ROLAND VON ANGERER HYDROPLATE – a fully automatic round stereo casting plant
The RCA Electrofax plate for daily newspapers
HEINZ BRANDHORST Economical production on modern news rotaries
Klaus F. SCHMIDT, NEW YORK Electronic register control on rotary presses
GOTTFRIED DYRSSEN Reel paper handling and transport in the printing plant
Practical hint
Secure fountain splitting
Design exercise 4 / 61
The Best German Books 1960

Der Druckspiegel, 11, November 1961
Der Druckspiegel, 11, November 1961

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