Content includes:
DR. KONRAD F. BAUER Image and type; word image and word sound
An interview with Dick Dooijes
KARL KISTLER – Modern make-up techniques for newspapers
DR. WERNER P. HEYD – Interpunctuation in foreign languages V (French 2)
The Intertype-TTS-Centromatic
WILLI MENGEL Slug composition to 42 ems measure
HERBERT KOSCHLICK Register control
GÜNTER OTSCHIK False and diffused lighting in reproduction
KARL-HEINZ DÄHNE Planned for the future: Büchler & Co. AG, Berne
Trouble-Shooting: Letterpress orders are process engraving orders
Hints on block mounting
Teaching and trainging: Journeyman exams
Practical hints
Design Exercise 6 / 61
Colour publicity from the USA
Type and type character


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Der Druckspiegel, 12, December 1961
Der Druckspiegel, 12, December 1961


Der Druckspiegel, 12, December 1961
Der Druckspiegel, 12, December 1961
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From the design archive:
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The typographic designs produced for the National Theatre by Ken Briggs are not only iconic and depict the Swiss typographic style of the time, but remain a key example of the creation of a cohesive brand style.
Simon Dixon is the co-founder of DixonBaxi and has been at the forefront of exceptional design from the start of his carreer. This year, DixonBaxi, celebrated twenty years in business, and their team of forty work with clients such as WWE, MAX, Premier League, Channel 4 and Netflix.

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The 1960s was an era characterised by political, social, and cultural shifts. The counterculture movement emerged as a response to the perceived failures of the mainstream establishment, sparking a wave of activism and alternative ideologies. And with these an array of printed matter. Counterculture publications, often referred to as the "underground press," became powerful platforms for dissent, expression, and the exploration of new ideas.

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As a chemist, I have an obligation to be curious – I grab a stack of our chemical journals and start with the advertising section. I start it, the walk through the sand. I don’t want to deny some oases. But soon I’m bored and tired.