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A reading of sensualy JAAC theory, by Yusuke KAJI
List of Prize-Winning, Winning Works and Second place Winning
Prize-Winning Works from the general public
Winning• Works from the general public
The beautiful trap and the loss of critical eye, by Shinya IZUMI
More varied forms of exhibition, by Susumu HAYASHI
Defects of JAAC exhibit, by Hiroaki ARIMA
Confusion in design, by Isamu KURITA
Member’s entry
List of JAAC Members
Mark Design as lettering (6), by Takao IMAZU
Designer’s triple Mirror: a by Hiromu HARA
rendez-vous with typography


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Design No.76 October 1965. Cover design by Takashi Kono
Design No.76 October 1965. Cover design by Takashi Kono
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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As a chemist, I have an obligation to be curious – I grab a stack of our chemical journals and start with the advertising section. I start it, the walk through the sand. I don’t want to deny some oases. But soon I’m bored and tired.

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Advertisements from post-World War II Britain for British Aluminium Company. Designs by Abram Games, Tom Eckersley, FHK Henrion, Pat Keely, and James Hart, who collectively crafted over 100 four-color and 300 black-and-white advertisements.
I have been reproached for this, and I will surely be reproached again. I have also been reproached for reading more and more obscure works whose readership must be limited to a handful of specialists and a few hobbyists like myself. It’s a heavy passion or a passion that sucks.

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The best poster designs from Die besten Plakate des Jahres 1956 with a translated foreword by Jakob Rudolf Welti. Featuring the work of Herbert Leupin, Carl B. Graf, Carlo Vivarelli and Emil Ruder.