Eye, Issue 004, Summer 1991

Eye, Issue 004, Summer 1991


Reputations: Wolfgang Weingart by Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin
‘My work is like a quarry. People see a stone they like, appropriate it and work it until there’s nothing left.’ Eye talks to the father of New Wave typography.
The Painted Word by Andrzej Klimowski
While some designers rush for their keyboards, Henryk Tomaszewski prefers to create his posters as he always has — with a paintbrush
Guerrilla graphics by Steven Heller
Design has the power to effect change. Now it must develop a social conscience
Mondo magazines by William Owen
Some of the sharpest and most influential graphic design ideas come from the new magazines. Eye thumbs the pages of the international press and takes a close look at three of the most consistently creative titles: i-D, Interview, and Beach Culture
Cultural Identities by Margo Rouard-Snowman
With the enormous number of new museums comes a need for clear graphic identity
Bj by Katy Homans
Robert Brownjohn wanted to eliminate the boundaries between experience and design. In an explosively short career of remarkable promise, he pushed graphics, advertising and film to their conceptual limits
Typo Photo by Julia Thrift
London’s most progressive designers are working with a small group of photographers highly sympathetic to their aims
The 37th Annual Type Directors Club Exhibition
Philippe Apeloig, graphiste
Dutch Best Book Designs
Festival d’Affiches de Chaumont
Japanese Graphic Design
Jazz Graphics

Eye, Issue 004, Summer 1991
Eye, Issue 004, Summer 1991

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