Eye, Issue 011, Winter 1993

Eye, Issue 011, Winter 1993


Editorial, Rick Poynor
Stop sitting around and start reading by Agenda, Paul Stiff
Postmodern typography sees the reader as an idler in need of short sharp shocks. But is reading really so passive a process?
Monitor by Steven Heller
Who says classical has to mean boring?
Reputations: Matthew Carter by Erik Spiekermann
“Type design had been seen as a brave but arcane business that requires a lifetime’s dedication. I’m happy that notion has gone”
Talking pictures by Michael Horsham, Rian Hughes
The comic book speech bubble has evolved into a highly expressive form of vernacular lettering
From Bauhaus to font house by Freda Sack, David Quay
Architype is a new series of Modernist typefaces. Is their reissue as simple as it sounds?
If the face fits by John Belknap
Well dressed magazines wear tailor-made fonts. Eye talks to three of the most sought-after names
The rules of typography according to crackpots / experts by Jeffery Keedy
The director of graphic design at California Institute of the Arts challenges received wisdom and offers some ‘rules’ of his own
Both ends burning by Rick Poynor
Fuel is a magazine, a design team, and a four letter word. Their style is tough, but ambiguous, too
Word art by Abbott Miller
In post-war art the visual and the literary have blurred. Typography is the point at which they meet
Let the object speak by Robin Kinross
The work of Dutch designer Karel Martens is rooted in materials rather than the ravishing image
The Dictionary of Visual Language by Rick Poynor
Philip Thompson and Peter Davenport’s visual analysis of the graphic cliche is a design classic
Relics of the Modern by Robin Kinross
Doing up typefaces is not like doing up buildings – more like re-creating the parts from which buildings can be made
Pentagram: The Compendium
The Alphabet Goes Multimedia: Type at the End of Print of the 20th Century

Eye, Issue 011, Winter 1993
Eye, Issue 011, Winter 1993

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