Eye, Issue 018, Autumn 1995

Eye, Issue 018, Autumn 1995


The persona non grata who lives on the Web – Agenda, Janice Hart
Communication on the Web
What happens when the edges dissolve? – Monitor, Loretta Staples
We are living in a time of profound ambiguity. Physical and institutional boundaries are in flux. The blur is the emblem of design in the 1990s.
Reputations: Fabien Baron by Abbott Miller
‘Putting too much interpretation into design is not good … For me, the reasons behind it are more primitive than philosophical or sociological’
A Humument by Eye editors
Tom Phillips’s treated novel is a key text in the short history of deconstruction and experimental print.
Land of Logos by Michael Horsham
For Britain’s public institutions, corporate image-building plays a central role in the marketing mix
Meta’s tectonic man by William Owen
In Erik Spiekermann’s hands, typographic design is a tool for rendering the world more accessible
The 30-second sell by David Redhead
Eight-page illustrated feature on paperback book cover design, including interviews with the Senate, Rex Ray, Angus Hyland
The tenth pioneer by Martha Scotford
Cipe Pineles was a design innovator. Why, when the history came to be written, was she left out?
Under the surface of style by Andrew Blauvelt
Designers and critics alike reject style as shallow and meaningless. But they overlook the complex ways in which its codes are used by different social groups.
Words made flesh by Ellen Lupton
Johanna Drucker pursues a double life as a historian of letterforms and a maker of artist’s books.

Eye, Issue 018, Autumn 1995
Eye, Issue 018, Autumn 1995

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