Eye, Issue 026, Autumn 1997

Eye, Issue 026, Autumn 1997


The oldness of new – Editorial, Max Bruinsma
Does graphic design need redefinition? Maybe, but the profession’s rich visual tradition should not be discarded…
Not as other media – Agenda, Nico Macdonald
Web designers must face some tough questions
Television did it first – Screen, Jessica Helfand
Ten myths and misconceptions about the so-called ‘new’ media
Sound, code, image by John L. Walters
Postwar composers, such as Cage, Cardew and Crumb, have left an exuberant legacy of seductive graphic scores that still puzzle and fascinate the artists and musicians of today.
Eyes on the world by Steven Heller
They are obsolete now, but the picture magazines of the pre-TV era were breeding pens for today’s visual narratives
Keep it simple by Max Bruinsma
Mieke Gerritzen brings her visual language of graphic emblems and clear-cut lines, colours and type to the Web
Lost in the city by John Warwicker
A CD-ROM may combine poetic imagery with virtuoso programming, but is it the right medium to convey meaning?
Website design for grown-ups by Brett Wickens
The five windows of GoLive CyberStudio 2.0 help Web designers and HTML programmers to get along better
Dell Books
An early form of info-graphics, Dell Books’ lurid covers and ‘Mapbacks’ of the 1940s brought pulp crime fiction to life
Reputations: Gunter Rambow by Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin
One of the few remaining poster designers with political edge now teaches his students to reflect more than just Zeitgeist.
Branding by David Peters
The Wieden & Kennedy agency provides big-name clients with the personal styles of cutting-edge graphic designers
The diaphanous machine by Max Bruinsma
Designers can bring clarity and consistency to Web interfaces and find new ways to organise navigation
Do-it-yourself by Julia Thrift
Activists were not interested in design sophistication, but their publishing tools imposed their own urgent aesthetics
The Struggle for Utopia: Rodchenko, Lissitzky, Moholy-Nagy 1917-1946

Eye, Issue 026, Autumn 1997
Eye, Issue 026, Autumn 1997

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