Eye, Issue 043, Spting 2002

Eye, Issue 043, Spting 2002


Editorial Eye 43 – John L. Walters
Eye goes live
Unclassifiable book by Rick Poynor
The New Sins consigns graphic designers to the upper levels of hell. Critique by Rick Poynor
Inspiration by Chin-Lein Chen, Chris Vermaas
Delivery forms
Monitor by J.J. King
Everyone’s gone to the movies
Warhol in London by Jonathan Jones
Warhol in London: a pop fantasy made real on billboards
The look of Lolita by Christopher Wilson
The author ‘emphatically opposed’ showing a girl on the cover. Most publishers ignored him
Graphic leaflets rained down from the sky
During the Korean War, graphic leaflets rained down from the sky, full of threats and promises.
The shape of the heart: I’m all yours by Louisa Young
The heart represents sacred and secular love: a bloodless sacrifice
When 1+1=3 by Eric Kindel
Colour overprinting: constructed images by printers and designers
Designing heroes by Steven Heller
Every era creates heroic imagery that conforms to its specific needs
Overprinting techniques
Reputations: Zuzana Licko by Rhonda Rubinstein
‘It’s not a problem of being a woman in a man’s world. It’s being a type designer in a world that gives little recognition to this art form’
Inside Cars
The Ganzfeld #2
Bridge: The Architecture of Connection
The Acme Novelty Library #15
The Stealth Corporation
Karl Gerstner: Review of 5×10 Years of Graphic Design etc.
Web Wizards: Designers who define the web

Eye, Issue 043, Spting 2002
Eye, Issue 043, Spting 2002

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