In the crazily abundant world of Martin Friedl by Rick Poynor
777 pictograms conjure up a strange new graphic universe. Critique by Rick Poynor
The science of word recognition – Agenda, Kevin Larson
The legibility of a typeface should not be evaluated on its ability to generate a good word shape.
Editorial Eye 52 by John L. Walters
‘Social vision’, Paul Rennie’s account of wartime industrial safety posters, many taken from his own…
Re-tooling the culture for an empire of signs by Steve Rigley
‘Creative destruction’ and synthesis in the rapidly changing subcontinent
Social vision by Paul Rennie
RoSPA’s Second World War safety posters challenge orthodox views of British Modernism
Worlds of moiré by Eric Kindel
Effect, defect, accident or design – moiré has a vital place in printing
Mystery and clarity by Adrian Shaughnessy
These children’s book illustrations captured moments of social history
Fighting AIDS with pictures and words by Sean O’Toole
South African health campaigns dominate the political landscape
Crash covers by Rick Poynor
J. G. Ballard’s novel resists attempts to summarise it with a single image
Common knowledge by Alastair Johnston
Children crossing signs from around the world
Field work by Caroline Archer
The army’s designer-printers hit their deadlines under fire
Dutch Type


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Eye, Issue 052, Summer 2004
Eye, Issue 052, Summer 2004
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Collected Japanese ephemera From the late 1920s to the mid-1930s, from Japan's transformative period, with its robust industrial force accompanied by an increase in consumer culture.
House style can give identity to the diverse products or activities of a firm. It stimulates loyalty, helps to reduce costs, and has advertising value.