Eye, Issue 057, Autumn 2005

Eye, Issue 057, Autumn 2005


Content includes:
Advertising and history – Agenda, David Crowley
Admen plunder the past – with no history to call their own
Expert flesh creepers by Rick Poynor
Chris Cunningham’s new film is a stomach-churning diversion from our digitally finessed world. Critique by Rick Poynor
Inspiration – Jon Forss
Tony Hart’s BBC TV children’s art programme Take Hart inspired the work of designer John Forss
Thinking in solid air by Steve Rigley
Design educators are finding that letterpress nurtures creativity and visual abstraction
Multi-coloured mirrors by Steven Heller
Alan Aldridge’s art direction of Beatles lyrics gave a graphic twist to the Swinging Sixties
Art on newsprint by Chris Brawn
Genetics of the ‘open’ text by Katherine Gillieson
Children’s information books communicate their content with an energetic visual language
Close up and cut out by Will Hoon
The UK’s red-top sports pages shout out a riotous assembly of colour, words and close-ups
Making visible the invisible by Stuart McKee
Can designers and scientists teach each other how to express new concepts in text and image?
Food dye chromatography by John L. Walters
Stanley Donwood’s artwork for Matthew Herbert’s polemical album finds colour in chemistry
Nameless thing by John Warwicker
Tokyo’s TDC rewards work that transcends means, intention, content, context – and just ‘is’
Religion’s universal message (board) by Steven Heller
World religions put their faith in the standard quarter-inch grooved changeable letter board
Design of Dissent
Folk Archive
Penguin By Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005

Eye, Issue 057, Autumn 2005
Eye, Issue 057, Autumn 2005

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