Eye, Issue 060, Summer 2006

Eye, Issue 060, Summer 2006


Content includes:
Swiss kitsch by Rick Poynor
Are installations the new billboards? Or the twinkling face of corporate propaganda? Critique by Rick Poynor
Marketing is not a dirty word – Letter to the editor, Rachel Marsh
In praise of the Art Club – Letter to the editor, Darren Whittingham
The pantomime of design education – Letter to the editor, Christopher Brawn
Door-to-door designer mimicry – Letter to the editor, Julian Curtis
The Vignellis: a thoroughly Modernist marriage – Encounter, Simon Esterson, John L. Walters
Lella and Massimo Vignelli talk to Eye’sJohn L. Walters and Simon Esterson
Imperialism by another name? – Agenda, Steve Rigley
India’s designers need to compete globally, but Western-style professionalisation could threaten the country’s confidence
LA art school by Malcolm Garrett
From Punk to production design: the widescreen career of Alex McDowell
Images over time by Peter Hall
The rich pre-history of motion graphics is filled with inspiration for screen-based image-makers
Cheap Jack Flash by Eric Kindel
Fluorescent inks – costly, dramatic, even ‘vulgar’ – provided 1950s designers with a fresh challenge
By printers, for printers by Steve Hare
Until its 1980s demise, ‘Penrose’ documented a fascinating trail of printing and design developments
Crystal garden by Peter Blegvad
Crepuscular and cool, the Nobel Field is a ‘living instrument’, played by its visitors
A sign that eats itself by Mike Kippenhan
Cartoon-like characters in logos and on signage are ubiquitous in South Korea
The alchemist by Steven Heller
Animator Jeff Scher uses dense, unorthodox techniques to make his highly original, image-rich films
Tools to make or break by David Womack
By cracking open commercial software, a new breed of graphic designer is redefining type and image at code level
Instant light: Tarkovsky Polaroids
Design: Edward Bawden and Eric Ravilious
Chip Kidd: Book One. Work: 1986-2006

Eye, Issue 060, Summer 2006
Eye, Issue 060, Summer 2006

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