Form, No.4, April 1967

Form, No.4, April 1967


Content includes:
Black Mountain College
The founding of the College by Lewis Shelley
The Hochschule at Ulm by Josef Albers
Albers’ ‘Graphic Tectonics’ by Irving Finkelstein
Brighton Festival Exhibition of Concrete Poetry
Exhibition notes and map
The early days of Concrete Poetry by Eugen Gomringer
What is Kinetism? by Lev Nusberg
Symmetry: Nature and the Plane by Charles Biederman
A Non-Aristotelian Creative Reality by Charles Biederman
The Coherences by Anselm Hollo
Great Little Magazines: No. 4, ‘Mecano’
Two Men by Kurt Schwitters
Towards a Constructive Poetry by I. K. Bonset
Manifesto on the Lawfulness of Sound by Raoul Hausmann

Form, No.4, April 1967
Form, No.4, April 1967

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