Form, No.5, September 1967

Form, No.5, September 1967


Content includes:
De Stijl and Architecture by Hans Jaffe
Selected writings on architecture
from ‘De Stijl’, 1917-1919
Introduction by Nicholas Bullock
Art and the Machine by J J P Oud
Architectural comment on Plate 8 by J P Oud
Architecture and its Development
by Robert van’t Hoff
Bernard Lassus
Visual Environments and Total Landscape
Scheme realised for the Suchard Factory, Paris
Raoul Hausmann
Meaning and Technique in Phonic Poetry
Five phonic poems
Black Mountain College (2)
A Foreword by John Andrew Rice
Scheme for College buildings (1939)
by Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer
A Personal Memoir, 1944-45, by George Zabriskie
Great Little Magazines, No. 5: ‘Ray’
The Croix, The Wheels And The Tremberling Sea
by Matthew Josephson
Largo by Kurt Schwitters
Voorbijtrekkende Troep by K Bonset
The Progress of the Modern Movement
in Holland by Theo van Doesburg
Art and the Times by Kurt Schwitters

Form, No.5, September 1967
Form, No.5, September 1967

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