Content includes:
In Memory of Marcel Duchamp by Hans Richter
New books: De Stijl reprint
The Fourth Dimension in Neoplasticism by Joost Baljeu
Theo van Doesburg is of Today by Maurice Agis and Peter Jones
Notes on Theater at Black Mountain College (1948-1952) by Mark Hedden
Step by Step by Hans Richter
Total Theatre by H. H. Stuckenschmidt
Great Little Magazines, No.7: ‘Kulchur’
‘Kulchur’: a note by Lita Hornick
‘Kulchur’: a note by Beverley Cromwell


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Form, No.9, April 1969
Form, No.9, April 1969
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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The advertising has a certain contrast of hand-drawn and mechanical. Produced entirely in black, it reminds us that the absence of colour can be highly effective. Hans Michel and Günther Kieser's illustrations bring a sense of both playfulness and a stylistic approach to a corporate client.
Flexible Visual Systems is the design manual for contemporary visual identities. It teaches you a variety of approaches on how to design flexible systems, adjustable to any aesthetic or project in need of an identifiable visual language.

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Volkswagen commissioned a fantastic range of graphic designers, including Wolf Zimmermann, Hans Looser and Michael Engelmann. The designers amplified the brand image of Volkswagen with strikingly modern designs.
In the ambitious new monograph Rational Simplicity: Rudolph de Harak, Graphic Designer, Volume shines a light on the complete arc of the exceptionally rich and varied career of Rudolph de Harak, showcasing his vibrant, graphic, formally brilliant work, which blazed a colourful trail through the middle decades of the twentieth century.