Content includes:
Peter Roth: The eternal youth of Mr. Punch • The variations of a cover-picture
Theodor Hilten: Gaetano Cecchetti, Italian Commercial artist
Eberhard Hölscher: Calendar Review 1958/59
Hans Kuh: The Photographer Hans Engelmann
Eberhard Hölscher: Götz Löpelmann • Mosaics from the Hilton-Hotel, Berlin
Christa Pieske: Of old «God-father envelopes»
Remigius Netzer: Woodcuts from Bahia by Karl Heinz Hansen
Eberhard Hölscher: Gunter Ott • Commercial art
Hans Kuh: Result of the Poster Contest of the German Book Club, Darmstadt
Amazone», a type of the type-foundry Lettergieterij «Amsterdam »


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Gebrauchsgraphik, 7, 1959
Gebrauchsgraphik, 7, 1959
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A country is never dead so long as it has an art. Austria is a proof of this maxim. Its liveliness since the war is liveliness which has displayed itself in the arts to a remarkable extent : it deserves the world's admiration and respect.
A new interpretation of the work of Bramante, suggesting an agenda for contemporary architectural practice.

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Magalhães developed over 180 brands and in addition to developing visual identities, he also developed designs for Brazilian notes and coins.

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Stephan Kantscheff (Stephan Kanschev) was a Bulgarian artist born in Kaefer, Todental. His colourful palette and joyous, folk-esque illustrations won him many commissions and his work was celebrated for both its quality and social significance.