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World Rookie Prospects ③ 3 Freshmen / Masaru Katsumi
・Akira Uno
・George Tscherny
・Allan Fleming
Polish movie poster / Masayoshi Iwabuchi
Minato Yokohama / Yuta Takezawa
Printing Design Laboratory ⑧ / Rikiya Miyano, Shigeo Tsuruta
Tadashi Ohashi Works / Masaru Katsumi
Editorial design for McCor magazine / Hiroshi Hara
50 best books
Design Policy of Printing Company de Jong (de jong) / Katsumi Masaki

Graphic Design / グラフィックデザイン, delved into the world of graphic design and visual culture. The magazine featured a broad range of content, including coverage of cutting-edge Japanese design and its history, as well as international graphic design.


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Graphic Design 08, 1962. Cover design by Tadashi Ohashi
Graphic Design 08, 1962. Cover design by Tadashi Ohashi
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From the design archive:
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From the design archive:
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Japan's first foreign film venue, Shochikuza Theatre (1923) is an icon of Modernism. Its Art Deco-influenced advertising, showcased in the 1925 Shochikuza News magazine, offers a glimpse into Japans influences from the West.

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Perusing an issue of Der Druckspiegel from 1962, I found these fantastic examples of Swiss Design, produced for the University Ball at the University in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1961. The advertising matter included posters, newspaper advertisements, cinema slides, invitation cards and a booklet. 
In Rau's case, the combination of graphic design and photo produces a particularly positive result, since he uses the photo not so much as an object of representation but rather as a suggestive means of expression.

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Both the And So To Embroider & And So to Sew bulletins were published by the Needlework Development Scheme. Established in 1934 and operating until 1961, the scheme was a partnership between educational establishments (Scottish art schools, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow) and industry.