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The World of Narahara Ikko / Seiichi Horiuchi
Persona Exhibition / Shuzo Takiguchi, Yoshio Hayakawa
Designer / Shigeo Fukuda, Tokyo Inshokan, Oji Paper Mills, Osumi Shiki Cutting Die Factory
’65 Japan Package Design Association Exhibition / Masuo Takahashi
Attending / Takeshi Otaka

Graphic Design / グラフィックデザイン, delved into the world of graphic design and visual culture. The magazine featured a broad range of content, including coverage of cutting-edge Japanese design and its history, as well as international graphic design.


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Graphic Design 22, 1966
Graphic Design 22, 1966. Cover design by Takashi Kono
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Katayama worked in several art and design disciplines from graphic design and sculpture to environmental works and sculpture. His design work features rhythms and patterns and has a resemblance to modern jazz and the studies of Josef Albers.
A review of the memorial exhibition of Edward McKnight Kauffer at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1955 by F.H.K. Hernion

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When perusing vintage publications, I often stumble upon forgotten or undocumented gems. In this article, I compare two remarkable advertisements designed for Sprengel Ltd byHerbert Zumpe and Karl Otto Goetz

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The advertising has a certain contrast of hand-drawn and mechanical. Produced entirely in black, it reminds us that the absence of colour can be highly effective. Hans Michel and Günther Kieser's illustrations bring a sense of both playfulness and a stylistic approach to a corporate client.