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Mandalas of The Two Worlds and its cosmic image
an easier way to see the National Zoo, Washington D.C.-Wyman / Cannan project started
the world of Kamijo takahisa
global new waves in 70s-Czechoslovakia / Finland Zdimal/Junek / Prachaticka / Vyletalova / Vyletal / Salamoun / Haskova / Sigmundova Varis/Kastemaa / Veistola / Kujasalo / Kuronen / Jasberg / Mykkanen
Suntory yesterday and today its super-gigantic advertising
Shakespear brothers’ team work
techne Kishu Co. High Quality Colored Paper Nachi Rainbow Guide Book
winds from everywhere


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Graphic Design 70, 1978
Graphic Design 70, 1978. Cover design by Takahisa Kamijō
Issue 70 of the Japanese magazine, Graphic Design (グラフィックデザイン) published in 1978.
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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I have been reproached for this, and I will surely be reproached again. I have also been reproached for reading more and more obscure works whose readership must be limited to a handful of specialists and a few hobbyists like myself. It’s a heavy passion or a passion that sucks.
The most comprehensive account of ghost signs ever published, focusing on London’s hand-painted relics of advertising past

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A short essay and scanned advertising from Swiss Industrial Graphic Design. A rare book focused on effective industrial promotion authored by Hans Neuburg. The design of the book is credited to Hans Neuburg and Walter Bangerter.

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Yoshio Hayakawa was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1917 and became a leading designer and artist in postwar Japan. His work was a harmonisation of traditional Japanese art with Western art.