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Hokusai: One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji / Ejima Nin
Edo Komon and Hokusai / Nakamura Makoto
Italian quartet DA Studio / Miki Toshihiro
Konekokonekokoneko / Katsumi Masaru
Stage design of Kanamori Kaoru / Ogita Akihiko
Stage, event and poster / Asakura Setsu
World’s new talent prospects ’70 Poland / Szymon Boyko
Report on dispatch of UNESCO Asia-Pacific Cultural Center publishing technology training / Michiyoshi Tsuyoshi
Sender of image: Ichikawa Hideo / Nakagaki Nobuo


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Graphic Design 71, 1978
Graphic Design 71, 1978. Cover design by Takahisa Kamijō,
Issue 71 of the Japanese magazine Graphic Design (グラフィックデザイン) published in 1978.
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Flexible Visual Systems is the design manual for contemporary visual identities. It teaches you a variety of approaches on how to design flexible systems, adjustable to any aesthetic or project in need of an identifiable visual language.

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The identity manual consisted of 130 pages of information and brand usage with Arie J. Geurts heading up the project as design director, (who later headed up his own design studio in Los Angeles). The identity uses minimal colour and focuses on a consistent brand blue in all communications.
Projekt 26 is a fantastic online store dedicated to vintage Polish posters, as well as operating online, both Harriet and Sylwia also run poster markets, social accounts full of the vibrant works and have a radiating passion and knowledge of the subject.
In minor printed matter we constantly meet the new typography, but it is relatively rare to find posters designed on the new lines. And yet poster-designing is a field where new typographical methods might be employed with great effect.