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Rakugan wooden molds / Tokuriki Hikonosuke
Newcomer prospects around the world ’70 America 2
Signage system in the Svoboda printing company in Prague / Jan Reilich
Okamoto Takeshi’s pilgrimage paintings / Sakano Nagami
Kubo Josuke’s illustrations / Tanaka Ikko
Dehara Eiichi’s tree figures: A problem for computer graphics / Katsumi Masaru
Activities of the Japan Graphic Designers Association
New Movements towards Images in Poetry and Language / Mukai Shutaro


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Graphic Design 74, 1979
Graphic Design 74, 1979. Cover design by Koichi Sato
Issue 74 of the Japanese magazine Graphic Design (グラフィックデザイン) published in 1979.
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Unit Editions launches Fred Troller Design on Volume – the first comprehensive survey of the work of a pioneering designer who brought Swiss modernism to America in the 1960s, via influential projects for clients including IBM, American Airlines and Geigy.
The book "Modern Man In The Making" (1939), is a fantastic example of Neurath's work. The book uses Isotype's principles with text to illustrate complex societal issues like globalisation and war's impact on economies, prioritising visual recognition through symbols to aid in memorability—a philosophy that remains paramount in design today.

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Wolfgang Weingart's artistic design delved into the intricacies of Swiss typography, skillfully dissecting its elements while venturing into texture and type experimentation. His layered montages radiated dynamic kinetic energy, standing in stark contrast to the minimalist approach of his instructors, embracing a more maximalist aesthetic.
Projekt 26 is a fantastic online store dedicated to vintage Polish posters, as well as operating online, both Harriet and Sylwia also run poster markets, social accounts full of the vibrant works and have a radiating passion and knowledge of the subject.