Content includes:
Contemporary French Graphic Art (Raymond Cogniat)
Tass. “Windows” [Russian War Posters] (C.F.O. Clarke)
French War- and Liberation Posters
Hans Erni – An artist in the Service of the Community (M. Gasser)
Wrapping-Papers for Oranges and Lemons
Graphic Poetry by Jean Cocteau (H.W. Allner)
Surrealism in Photography – Raoul Ubac (H.W. Allner)
Kukryniksi – the Famous Russian Trio (C.F.O. Clarke)
Stage Decorations by A.M. Cassandre (H.W. Allner)
A Theatre and its Advertising Methods
Figured Tapestries in the Basle Historical Museum (Dr. K. Buhler)
New Posters, Magazine Covers, Etc. (H.W. Allner)
Resume Francaise des Textes


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Graphis 09-10, 1945. Cover design by Hans Erni
Graphis 09-10, 1945. Cover design by Hans Erni
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Jean Carlos Distefano is an Argentinian artist, designer and teacher. He designed a range of posters, programmes brochures and book covers alongside Juan Andralis, Humberto Rivas and Roberto Alvarado for the Instituto di Tella, Buenos Aires.

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Beyond being mere artefacts of design, these examples encapsulate the dynamic changes Japan was undergoing during this period. The design output of this era not only served commercial purposes but also became a powerful medium for expressing these societal shifts.
IBM puts a premium on functional design, forms and colours which make it far easier for the potential customer to gain an insight. In this respect the IBM methods are exemplary. The IBM already opened studios of artistic and graphic design for its German and Italian offices and a few years ago another such studio was established in Paris. Frank René Testemale was entrusted with its organisation and was appointed its business and art director.

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Joseph Binder established his studio, Wiener Graphik, in Vienna. One of the first clients was the City of Vienna’s Music and Theater Festival, followed by many other posters and logos for clients in Austria and beyond.