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The One Show. The 54th Annual Exhibition of the Art Directors Club in Association with the 15th Annual Copy Club of New York Awards Competition, by Jerome Snyder, New York
Roland Topor, by Manuel Gasser, Zurich
Grafik-Design Deutschland 71/72/73/74, by Hans Kuh, Zurich
Co-ordinated Packaging Design for Department-Store Brands, by Urs Fanger, Zurich
Kroehl Design Group, by Hans Kuh, Zurich
Marguerita, by Stanley Mason, Zurich
Annecy 75: 10th International Cartoon Film Festival, by Nino Weinstock, Basle
Photosculptures by Klaus Kammerichs, by Hans Kuh, Zurich


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Graphis 179, 1975. Cover design by Roland Topor.
Graphis 179, 1975. Cover design by Roland Topor
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Triest Verlag für Architektur, Design und Typografie are a Swiss independent publisher producing specialist design books in the realms of typography, graphic design and architecture. Their books provide valuable insights and the print production is of exceptional quality. I interviewed the founders, to find out more about their books.
Gabriel sent me a link to his amazing Uruguayan Graphic Design Archive when I launched Design Reviewed. The content was so amazing, I ended up spending a good hour looking through the content and it has definitely made it to my bookmarks.

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The typographic supplement from Der Druckspiegel, October, 1961 features typographic compositions designed by Herbert Bossin. Bossin has solely used the typeface Folio, to illustrate its flexibility and versatility alongside imagery provided by Lothar Blanvalet Verlag.
How design can transcend the logics, structures, and subjectivities of capitalism: a framework, theoretical grounding, and practical principles. A new book published by MIT Press written by Matthew Wizinsky.