Idea 135, 1976-3. Cover design by Ikko Tanaka

Idea 135, 1976-3


Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Assistant Editor: Tadashi Hamada
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office and Midori Imatake
Cover Design: Ikko Tanaka

Contents include:
Chas. B. Slackman by Jerome Snyder
Display Design by Ikko Tanaka by Shigeru Uchida
Show of Old Advertising on Display at New York Art Directors Club by Jo Yanow, Shin’ichiro Tora
Design Courses at Cornell University – Dennis Ichiyama by Midori Imatake
New York Art Directors Club’s 3rd “Hall of Fame” Award Presentation
Michael English, a Tactile Realist by Akiko Hyuga
Wilhelm Rieser
Talented Young Designer, Ken Kendrick by Jan Rajlich
Vartan Kurjian by Tadahisa Nishio
Olivetti New Logotype by Yasaburo Kuwayama
Eyewitness of Our Time by François Colos by Akiko Hyuga
Down-to-Earth Realism: Shiro Tatsumi, Haruo Takino, Osamu Turuta, Shiro Otani, Noritugu Oda, Sadao Sato by Yoshio Hayakawa
Allan Manham
“Shadow & Othe Japanese Images” Nathan Lerner Photo Exhibition
Hélène Majera and Her Sophisticated Illustration by Shigeru Watano
A Nucleus of Design: Graphic Designers Active in Central Japan by Shigeo Fukuda
Logotype by Yasaburo Kuwayama, a Pioneer in New Typeface Development by Tadasu Fukano
New Winds of Design: Public Poster, Hokkaido, 1975 & Graphic Design Competition, Kyushu and Okinawa, 1975
To Read the Clock – Yuji Baba’s Dial Plates
The Black & White Group Show by Shin’ichiro Tora
Songs of the Open Wall – Wallpaper Design by Contemporary Japanese Artists
Masaki Hisaya and His Illustrations for Kyoto Shinbun

Idea 135 1976 3

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