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Contents include:
The 24th Annual Type Directors Club Exhibition by Takenobu Igarashi, Roy Zucca, Minoru Morita
Graphic Design for the University / Marc Treib by Kiyoshi Awazu
Toni Eichenberg by Dr. Robert L. Leslie
Malcom Fowler & Nancy Lee Fouts by Shigeru Watano
Package and Corporate Design for SUMMIT
Hans Peter Hoch
Perspective Eyes / from 1979 calendar by Mitsuo Katsui
The 13th SPD Awards and the ’78 Andy Awards by Shinichiro Tora
Designers Stewart and Winner: A design office in Louisville by Midori Imatake
The 20 Years of the Society of Illustrators’ Award Winners Exhibition by Shinichiro Tora
A London designer in Hong Kong and Africa / Ian Broughton


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Idea 153 1979 3
Idea 153, 1979-3. Cover design by Ryuichi Yamashiro
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The Best Swiss Posters Award was an annual competition, judged by a Swiss Jury. They selected a range of posters, showcasing a range of poster styles from completely typographic designs such as the work of Robert Büchler, to the illustrated posters of Donald Brun.

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In my previous article about the design work produced for Insituto di Tella, I touched upon the artists Juan Carlos Distéfano, Ruben Fontana and Juan Andralis. After further research, I found a suite of other designs they had produced, including exhibition posters, concert programmes and record sleeves.

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Stephan Kantscheff (Stephan Kanschev) was a Bulgarian artist born in Kaefer, Todental. His colourful palette and joyous, folk-esque illustrations won him many commissions and his work was celebrated for both its quality and social significance.

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Blase’s long-term clients were Staatstheater Kassel (Kassel State Theater) and Atlas Films. Karl Oskar Blase produced countless posters for these two organisations. It’s not surprising considering Blase designed posters for the Staatstheater for twelve years between 1966 and 1978.