Cover Illustration: Walter Allner
Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Editorial Director: Kazuchika Sunaga
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake

Contents include:
The Present Situation of the World Graphic Designers by Colin Forbes
Erich Buchegger Austria, Theo Dimson Canada, Burton Kramer Canada, Stanislav Kovář Czechoslovakia, Jaroslav Sůra Czechoslovakia, Zdeněk Zigler Czechoslovakia, Roman Cieslewics France, Andre Francois France, Alan Cracknell Great Britain, Alan Fletcher Great Britain, John Gorham Great Britain, Henrion, Ludlow & Schmidt Great Britain, John McConnell Great Britain, Anthon Beeke Holland, Wim Crouwel Holland, Will van Sambeek Holland, Henry Steiner Hong Kong, Cilvio Coppola Italy, Flavio Costantini Italy, Franco Grignani Italy, Giancarlo Iliprandi Italy, Jan Lenica Poland, Waldermar Swierzy Poland, Jose Pla-Narbona Spain, Siegfried Odermatt Switzerland, Ruedi Rüegg Switzerland, Walter Allner U.S.A., Saul Bass U.S.A., R. O. Blechman U.S.A., Ivan Chermayeff U.S.A., Seymour Chwast U.S.A., Paul Davis U.S.A., Louis Dorfsman U.S.A., Gene Federico U.S.A., John Follis U.S.A., Colin Forbes U.S.A., Stephan Geissbuhler U.S.A., Bob Gill U.S.A., Milton Glaser U.S.A., Rudolph de Harak U.S.A., John Massey U.S.A., Robert Miles Runyan U.S.A., Fred Troller U.S.A., George Tscherny U.S.A., Henry Wolf U.S.A., Frieder Grindler West Germany, Hans Hillmann West Germany, Holger Matthies West Germany, Hans-Jürgen Spohn West Germany, Stankowski + Duschek West Germany, BK Wiese West Germany, Hermann Zapf West Germany, Otl Aicher West Germany, Hans Peter Hoch West Germany, Gunter Rambow, Gerhard Lienemeyer, Michael van de Sand West Germany, Herbert W. Kapitzki West Germany, Tadanori Yokoo Japan, Kiyoshi Awazu Japan, Shigeo Fukuda Japan, Yoshio Hayakawa Japan, Takenobu Igarashi Japan, Yusaku Kamekura Japan, Kazumasa Nagai Japan, Makoto Nakamura Japan, Ikko Tanaka Japan
On the 30th Anniversary Edition by Yoshihisa Ishihara
The Present Situation of Graphic Design in the East Europe by Jiři Hlušička
The Individual is Bigger than the Whole by Eckhard Neumann
Photography in Advertising in the 20th Century by Henry Wolf
Undercurrent of Contemporary Japanese Design by Kiyoshi Awazu
Role of Design Journalism in the Era Where Design is Flux without a Style by Shigeru Watano
Index to Japan and Overseas Artists and their Works


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Idea 180, 1983-9. Cover design by Walter Allner
Idea 180, 1983-9. Cover design by Walter Allner
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Oskar Reiner advertisements for Opel distinguish themselves by clarity and visually appealing conception.

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The 1960s was an era characterised by political, social, and cultural shifts. The counterculture movement emerged as a response to the perceived failures of the mainstream establishment, sparking a wave of activism and alternative ideologies. And with these an array of printed matter. Counterculture publications, often referred to as the "underground press," became powerful platforms for dissent, expression, and the exploration of new ideas.
In the ambitious new monograph Rational Simplicity: Rudolph de Harak, Graphic Designer, Volume shines a light on the complete arc of the exceptionally rich and varied career of Rudolph de Harak, showcasing his vibrant, graphic, formally brilliant work, which blazed a colourful trail through the middle decades of the twentieth century.

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Rudolph de Harak designed over 50 record covers for Westminster Records as well as designing covers for Columbia, Oxford and Circle record labels. His bright, geometric graphics can easily be distinguished and recognised.