Content includes:
The World Masters: 9 Seymour Chwast
Best 100 Japanese Posters, 1945-89 Shigeo Fukuda
Society of Illustrators The 33rd Annual Exhibition Shinichiro Tora
L’atelier De Creation-Grapus, Pierre Bernard Shigeru Watano, Yachiyo Matsuzaki
Armando Testa
Frederic Metz Collection: The Best Swiss Posters 1987-1989 Frederic Metz
Tim Jonke
Tibor Helenyi
Shu Kataoka’s Peace Posters
Vittorio Fiorucci Raymond Vezina
Yuko Hirai, Package Design Takeo Yao
Series 25: Art in New York Today, Al Taylor’s Space Drawing Shoichiro Higuchi
Special Feature: ’91 Graduation Works of Graphic Design Students Masuteru Aoba
1990 The Mainichi Design Awards
Visual Design Art of 75th NIKA Exhibition
The 51st Annual Exhibition of Art Culture Association


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Idea 227, 1991-7
Idea 227, 1991-7. Cover design by Seymour Chwast
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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This 1,500 word essay focused on the work of Jan Bons. One of the most prominent figures in Dutch design history. For over three-quarters of a century, he crafted a mass of work with many long-time collaborators.
I have long been a fan of Counter-Print, as a student, I would order their newsprint publications, peruse their Flickr albums and now, over a decade later I still buy their latest releases and their site provides our staff with great giftse throughout the year. I interviewed one of the founders, Jon Dowling to find out more about setting up Counter-Print, their favourite books and which publishers inspire them.
Projekt 26 is a fantastic online store dedicated to vintage Polish posters, as well as operating online, both Harriet and Sylwia also run poster markets, social accounts full of the vibrant works and have a radiating passion and knowledge of the subject.

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Max Huber worked across advertising, packaging, design and industrial design. He had a distinctive style that skillfully blended bright hues with photomontage.