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The World Masters: 13 Ivan Chermayeff
Gitanes Poster Exhibition Dedicated to Max Ponty Tomoko Murakami
Illustrator, Mark Ryden
Photographer with Living Technical Expression, Glen Katz
Exhibition of the 27 Posters for The National Culture Festival Chiba ’91 Shigeo Fukuda
Suntory Granville Collection: 2 1900-1925, Modern Posters Take Root Makoto Nakamura
The 5th International Design Festival, Osaka Midori Imatake
The 1991 PDC International Gold Awards Competition William J. O’Connor
The 2nd JPA Exhibition, Kaleidoscope Jun Miki
Fathre of Spanish Graphic Design, America Sanchez Shigeru Watano, Yachiyo Matsuzaki
New Japanese Graphics
IBM Calendar by Andrzej Dudzinski
The Photo-Collagist of the Real and the Unreal, Pierre-Paul Pariseau
Playful Seymour Chawst Painted Metal Sculpture Shinichiro Tora
A Many-sided Constructive Artist in Antwerp, Paul Ibou Liliane E. Staal
Sign Graphics: New York Calendar Shinichiro Tora
’91 The Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Joel Garrich, Shinichiro Tora
Series 29: Art in New York Today, Jackie Ferrara’s Views from Stage Shoichiro Higuchi


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Idea 231, 1992
Idea 231, 1992. Cover design by Ivan Chermayeff
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The versatility of the arrow sign knows no bounds – from thin lines exuding delicacy to thick, heavy-set lines conveying stability and weight. Depending on its construction, the arrow sign can speak with individuality, even possessing psychological and emotional expression.

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Before ascending to fame within the contemporary art scene, Warhol enjoyed a thriving career as a commercial artist. His illustration work was commissioned by various magazines, including The New Yorker, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar.

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Before setting up Ken Garland & Associates in Camden, London, Ken was art editor of Design magazine in 1956. The magazine was published by the Council of Industrial Design, which was set up in 1944 with the prime focus of supporting Britains economic recovery.

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Little is known about the talented designer Günther Glückert. Born during the 1930s, a period that proved less than conducive to nurturing youthful artistic endeavours, did not halt Glückert's path of becoming a talented designer.