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A Round-table Talk in Commemoration of “IDEA 40 years,” The Course of the Graphic Design in Japan Guests: Yusaku Kamekura, Kazumasa Nagai, Chaired by Masuteru Aoba
233 Cover-Designers for IDEA
The 71st ADC Awards and the 6th International ADC Awards 1992 Shinichiro Tora, Masuteru Aoba
John Jinks, Illustrator
“Ape Call from Tokyo” 1992 Mitsuo Katsui
30 Posters on Environment and Development in Rio 92 Shigeo Fukuda
Michael Ireland Regnier, Photographer
Misawa Homs’ Bauhaus Collection ÖA From Form to Function, Dessau 1925-1929 Kunio Kobayashi
The World’s Most Memorable Posters 1991 Exhibition Joyce Rutter Kaye
Christopher Garland, Creative Director Hisaka Kojima
The Illustrator of Tomorrow, Rick Nemo
Sensetive In4mation Inc.
Survey for IDEA Readers
New German Posters Noboru Matsuura
The Mind & Form of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Japan, Graphic Arts Exhibition in New York Shinichiro Tora, Yoshimi Ohba
Quod, Design and Marketing Company
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Idea 234, 1992
Idea 234, 1992
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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Armin Hofmann's publicity for the Stadttheater Basel. The client, in this case, the Municipal Theater of Basel, refused to listen to narrow-minded critics, in spite of the fact that as a state-subsidized enterprise it is accountable to public opinion.
In the ambitious new monograph Rational Simplicity: Rudolph de Harak, Graphic Designer, Volume shines a light on the complete arc of the exceptionally rich and varied career of Rudolph de Harak, showcasing his vibrant, graphic, formally brilliant work, which blazed a colourful trail through the middle decades of the twentieth century.

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The best poster designs from Die besten Plakate des Jahres 1957 with a translated foreword by Walter Kern. Featuring the work of J. Müller-Brockmann, Gottlieb Soland, Mary Vieira and Celestino Piatti.

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A short essay and scanned advertising from Swiss Industrial Graphic Design. A rare book focused on effective industrial promotion authored by Hans Neuburg. The design of the book is credited to Hans Neuburg and Walter Bangerter.