Content includes:
The World Masters: 19 Tadanori Yokoo Christopher Mount
The 2nd International Poster Biennial in MEXICO with The Collection “America Today, 500 Years Later” Shigeo Fukuda
New Asian Design from Hong Kong, Kan Tai-keung Masuteru Aoba
Illustrator, David Grove
Recent Works by Makoto Nakamura Kazumasa Nagai
Jan Rajlich, Jr. T. Podzimek
Design Office in the Eastern Part of Berlin, Grappa Shigeru Watano / Yachiyo Matsuzaki
Photographer, Chip Simons
Design consultancy with a history of 30 years, Tel Design
3D Object Sign for Parking Area Facilities
The Design Works of Furura / SMS
The 4th Design Competition in Kagoshima Takeo Yao
Imaginary World “Beyond the Dimension” Baku Saito Shinichiro Tora
The Calendar: International Sign Graphics Shinichiro Tora
Graphic Designer, Walter Bohatsch Shigeru Watano / Yachiyo Matsuzaki
Harmonist of Design, Robert Maude Paul Peter Piech
Gustavo Pedroza: Typographic Space in Focus Karl Ritter
Charles Biondo Design Associates, Inc. Takeo Yao
A Painter Who Draws between Heaven and Hell, Michael Goldberg Shoichiro Higuchi


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Idea 238, 1993
Idea 238, 1993. Cover design by Tadanori Yokoo
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From the design archive:
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The Paris Poster Hoardings of 1938. Posters gleam forth accentuating the melody of this city as they direct the eye to articles of everyday use and above all to people who are the talk of the hour.

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Bäumer gave the company a unique brand image amplifying its graphical image after a time of post-war economic recovery. This style of advertising composition can be seen across many 1960s campaigns, especially from other German designers such as Anton Stankowski.

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Interiors was an American magazine published by Whitney Publications, New York and ran from 1940. Before being relaunched as Interiors, the magazine was originally called The Upholsterer which ran from 1888 until 1940.

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Before setting up Ken Garland & Associates in Camden, London, Ken was art editor of Design magazine in 1956. The magazine was published by the Council of Industrial Design, which was set up in 1944 with the prime focus of supporting Britains economic recovery.