Idea 30, 1958-8. Cover design by Bob Gill.

Idea 030, 1958-8


Content includes:
Graphic Arts
Marginal note to a recent collection of Japanese Posters by Ladislav Sutnar
Hermann Zapf
London Transport
Doorway to Portuguese
Sungken Shiau by H. Ohchi
1958 College graduating student’s works
Tokyo Art University
Kyoto University of Art
Chiba University
Tokyo University of Education
Kanazawa Art Polytechnic Univ.
Kyoto University of Arts and Sciences
Nihon University
Tama Fine Art College
Musashino Fine Art College
Saga University
Color Reproductions
Works of Imatake, Miyanaga and Ohashi
Works of Ito, Kamekura, Ohchi and Kuriyagawa
Works of Yamana, Yamashiro, Hara and Kono
Works of Hermann Zapf
London Transport
Brief history of Japanese commercial art by A. Yamana
Presentation of graphic design by K. Tsukada
Lure like in Designing by J. Imatake [sic]
Packages that sell in 10 seconds by Modern Packaging
Editor’s note by Modern Packaging

Idea 30, 1958-8. Cover design by Bob Gill.
Idea 30, 1958-8. Cover design by Bob Gill.

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