Special Feature: Wim Crouewel’s adventures into the experimental worldsIntroduction / Poster / Book design / Stamp, Logotype, Typeface / New Alphabet / “The WC Alphabets” Text by Sergio Polano, with William Bottin / “Type Design for the Computer Age” Text by Wim Crouwel / “Typography: A Technique of Making a Text ‘Legible’ ” Text by Wim Crouwel /Comments on Wim Crouwel


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Idea 323, 2007-7
Idea 323, 2007-7. Wim Crouwel Special
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As a chemist, I have an obligation to be curious – I grab a stack of our chemical journals and start with the advertising section. I start it, the walk through the sand. I don’t want to deny some oases. But soon I’m bored and tired.
The most comprehensive account of ghost signs ever published, focusing on London’s hand-painted relics of advertising past
From time to time members of the Graphic Design History group and others have asked for a number of recommendations for books related to design history, theory and specific areas of graphic design. This is the first of a series of articles from educators, designers and archivists featuring book recommendations and resources.
Direction of Travel is a project by Christian Nolle, a half Danish/half German London based artist and map collector. He has spent decades creating work, often in photographic form, that looks at the interplay between aviation, politics and the cities we live in. Christian is also the Founder and Head of Good Caesar, a design and technology studio.