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Het ‘Van Dam-offensief’ bouwt verder by Peter Drijver, Martin Aarts
Unbehagen by Jenneke ter Horst, Nel Brouwer, Pieternel Fortuyn
De prachtige norm en het gebouw by Jaap van den Bout, Stef van der Graag, Jan Hoffmans, Jan de Waal
Gimmie shelter by Louis Aussen, Peter Drijver, Paul Heimplaetzer
De constructivisten terug in de stad by Martin Aarts
De Kruisplein-prijsvraag by Stef van der Graag
Illusie en verleiding rond de Kruisplein-prijsvraag by Peter Drijver, Janne Hobus
Henk Döll, Francine Houben, Roelf Steenhuis by Plan Ozoo


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OASE 04, 1982. Cover design by Eric Hordijk
OASE 04, 1982. Cover design by Eric Hordijk
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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A new interpretation of the work of Bramante, suggesting an agenda for contemporary architectural practice.

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Perusing an issue of Der Druckspiegel from 1962, I found these fantastic examples of Swiss Design, produced for the University Ball at the University in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1961. The advertising matter included posters, newspaper advertisements, cinema slides, invitation cards and a booklet. 
The UK’s first vintage poster market is to launch as a 3-day pop-up at the Copeland Gallery in Peckham 14-16 May. Entry is free.
The first American university to accept graphic designers as members of the faculty was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, called M. I. T, for short. The work created by the design group reflects the high level of instruction, the realistic setting of the training and the progressive philosophy of this institute.