Ottagono 20, 1971. Designed by Unimark

Ottagono 20, 1971


Content includes:
Copying, what a passion
Vittorio Mazzucconi – For an advertising agency
The Quadrant of Turin – Current setting in new environments
Vinicio Tenconi – A country house, Series accommodation: furnishing problem
Luigi Massoni – Recovery of old environments, In plastic: experiences for tomorrow
Sergio Mazza – With two elements an a bookcase
Giancarlo Iliprandi – Bang, zing, flash, gulp
Bruno Munari – The balance of opposites
Mario Bellini and Marco Romano – The mechanics
Pier Carlo Santini – Mangiarotti’s “avant-garde”
Gian Paolo Valenti – Design research in the elements compositional of architecture
Silvio Coppola – The catalog and the corporate image
News and design innovations
Grazia Gamberoni – Books and magazines
Images – Funeral in Orgosolo
Guido Ballo – murals: homage to Milan
Direction: Sergio Mazza
Editing: Giuliana Gramigna
Collaboration: Grazia Gamberoni
Graphics: Unimark
Photographs: Ballo, Basilico, Cappellini, Porters, FAD, Falchi and Salvador, Photography Industriale, Photos, Raffo, Scrimali.
CO.P.IN.A. s.r.l.
Printing: Poligrafico Colombi S.D.A.

Ottagono 20, 1971. Designed by Unimark
Ottagono 20, 1971. Designed by Unimark

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