Ottagono 9, 1968. Design by Bob Noorda / Unimark

Ottagono 9, 1968


Content includes:
Roberto Mango – The Great Number
Vico Magistretti – the thought of a designer
Angelo Mangiarotti – Seamless light
Franco Cassina – The thought of a producer, Standard processing for an armchair modular, The standard furniture in its applications for the community
Vittorio Mazzucconi – Architecture and Society in America, A kitchen on the assembly line
Dino Origlia – Quantity friendly to quality
Marcello Pietrantoni and Carla Venosta – Club restaurant
Vittorio Gregotti – The house of Asti
Carlo Bartoli – Apartment in Milan
Tobia Scarpa – Lighting as a sensation and atmosphere
Osvaldo Borsani – New series for executive offices
Giuliano Angelucci, Vincenzo Bacigalupi, Benito Boni Vincenzo Duster – Preparation for a congress
Pier Carlo Santini – Aspects of architecture: Images of Venetian architecture, News and design innovations
Guido Ballo – Encounters with art: Ugo Mulas O of the photo-language
Where to buy
Shops abroad

Direction: Sergio Mazza
Editing: Giuliana Gramigna
Graphics: Bob Noorda / Unimark
Photographs: Ballo, BN & C, Casali, Clari, Gigipi, Masera, Mulas, Orsi, Photos
Direction, editing, administration, advertising:
Milan, via Melzi d’Eril, 26, tel. 315407-315508
Publisher: CO.P.IN.A. s.r.l.

Ottagono 9, 1968. Design by Bob Noorda / Unimark
Ottagono 9, 1968. Design by Bob Noorda / Unimark

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