First Things First
A. J. B.
Photographic Printing –
Creating Atmosphere in the Printing Business by Albert Smallwood
Calligraphy and Typography by Jan Tschichold
Book Design Desiderata by H. Carter and L. Lamb
Holiday for the Eye by Frederick A. Horn-
The Tricolorimeter by Steen Hinrichsen
The Prevention of Book Mildew –
A Case of Odd Sorts by Caxton Morris
The Printer’s Bookshelf
Topical Notes and Comments


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Printing Journal, No 51, Autumn 1949
Printing Review, No 51, Autumn 1949
Printing Review was the Magazine of the British Printing Industry. The magazine published 79 issues between 1931 and 1959.
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From the design archive:
From the design archive:
From the design archive:
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The transformation of Radio Free Berlin's publicity from dark and provincial to striking and imaginative. Cultural announcements and radio programs designed by Hans Förtsch, Sigrid von Baumgarten, and Reinhart Braun

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Stephan Kantscheff (Stephan Kanschev) was a Bulgarian artist born in Kaefer, Todental. His colourful palette and joyous, folk-esque illustrations won him many commissions and his work was celebrated for both its quality and social significance.

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Bäumer gave the company a unique brand image amplifying its graphical image after a time of post-war economic recovery. This style of advertising composition can be seen across many 1960s campaigns, especially from other German designers such as Anton Stankowski.

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Karl Oskar Blase was born in 1925 in Cologne, Germany. He was a prolific painter, designer, sculptor and exhibition curator. His work included magazine covers, for publications such as Form and Gebrauchsgraphik, stamp designs for the German Postal Service and film posters for companies such as Atlas Films.