Publimondial 68, 1955

Publimondial 68, 1955


Content includes:
Troy, by G. M.
Mannesmann, A Glance on the Publicity of German Firm, by Georges Martina
Cebuco Advertisements
Agenor, Electric Geyser Agent, by G. Martina
In Hamburg, An Electricity Exhibition
At The Last Offices’ Furniture Exhibition, Olivetti’s Stands, Museum In The Metro
In « Pleasantville ». Mr. Fred Thompson Tells Our Colleague The Reasons Why The « Reader’s Digest » Shall Accept Advertising In The Future, by Jacques Lagache
The Page Of The International Chamber Of Commerce

Original Cetti Cover
Layout And Technical Realization By Guy Le Peron

Publimondial 68, 1955
Publimondial 68, 1955. Cover design by Ricetti Bruno

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