Content includes:
The STD assessment weekend, April 1982 by Jenny Towndrow
Students Who Don’t Read – A persuasive argument by teacher Donald
Are Present Day Design Courses Really Necessary? by Philip Turner
Marks, Handwriting and Language – A plea from Trilokesh Mukherjee
Advanced Typography – Chris Tunnard writes about Peter Rea’s approaches to advanced typography and advanced thinking.
Professionalism by Fred Jessup
How to get a job- Practical advice from Liz Lydiat
Thoughts on: Education by Michael Wolff, Teaching by HFK Henrion and
Employing by Alan Fletcher
Berthold at The Ad Factory by Eddie Cattel
A new scale for typographers by David Plumb


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Typographic, 19, August 1982
Typographic, 19, August 1982
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Emiliano Grignani is the grandson of Franco Grignani, one of the most versatile and influential Italian designers. Well-known for his advertising, painting and the way he could visualise motion in such a unique way. I interviewed Emiliano to find out more about Franco and his influence on graphic design and the great resource,

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Crouwel was the successor to Willem Sandberg who used an avant-garde approach in his work, utilising torn-paper montage, mixing of sans serif and old Egyptian typefaces and often off-center positioning. Crouwel steered away from this artistic approach and implemented a cohesive design system and a strong identity that emulated the corporate identity boom of the 1950s and 60s.
I have long been a fan of Counter-Print, as a student, I would order their newsprint publications, peruse their Flickr albums and now, over a decade later I still buy their latest releases and their site provides our staff with great giftse throughout the year. I interviewed one of the founders, Jon Dowling to find out more about setting up Counter-Print, their favourite books and which publishers inspire them.
Both educators have a keen interest in multiscriptual design, Arabic type design, and graphic design and recently released A History of Arab Graphic Design. I contacted Bahia and Haythem to find out more.