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De Jong, Hilversum by B. Majorick
BCG – The Works of Brownjohn by Chermayeff and Geismar
The Books of Abram Krol by Sylvio Samama
The Green Box by Edward Wright (with a booklet of 4 pages)
Max Huber in Italy by Antonio Boggeri
A Humanized Alphabet by Stefan Themerson


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Typographica, New Series 2, 1960
Typographica, New Series 2, 1960. Designed by Herbert Spencer
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I have been reproached for this, and I will surely be reproached again. I have also been reproached for reading more and more obscure works whose readership must be limited to a handful of specialists and a few hobbyists like myself. It’s a heavy passion or a passion that sucks.

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Wolfgang Weingart's artistic design delved into the intricacies of Swiss typography, skillfully dissecting its elements while venturing into texture and type experimentation. His layered montages radiated dynamic kinetic energy, standing in stark contrast to the minimalist approach of his instructors, embracing a more maximalist aesthetic.

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Gregory Vines' design and process behind the Typographische Monatsblätter 1978 covers. From the initial inspiration drawn from Bellinzona's gate to the process of film montage, resulting in six stunning cover masterpieces.

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The 1960 awards presented 420 poster entries from Swiss designers. Notable winners included Robert Büchler's typographic poster for the Museum of Applied Arts Basel and J. Müller-Brockmann’s Der Film poster for the Museum of Applied Arts and Gerstner + Kutter's asymmetric typographic poster for National-Zeitung SA Basel.