Gebrauchsgraphik, 12, 1963


Hans Kuh – In Word and Image A Series of Books by Erik Nitsche
Armin Eichholz – The Marché aux Puces in Paris
Ludwig Ebenhöh – An Artistic ABC
H. H. Sadila-Mantau – Flying Menus • Exquisite Publicity
Michael Vogl – Crisp Advertising Art
J. J. de Lucio-Meyer – Paul Peter Piech • An English Graphic Advertising Artist
Remigius Netzer – Wood-Cuts by Eugen K. Dörr
Eberhard Hölscher – Results of a Competition for a New Trade-Mark of the Feldmühle AG

Format: Magazine
Designer/s: Olga Blumenberg and Fritz Schürmann
Year: 1963
Client/Publisher: Bruckmann Verlag
Size: 230mm x 297mm