Gebrauchsgraphik, 2, 1963


Content includes:
Eberhard Hölscher – New Guises for Tea and Coffee Packages Designed by Young Graphic Advertising Artists
Theodor Hilten – The Face of German Paperbacks
Carl Heussner – Hellas Calls · Greek Tourist Publicity
Erich Pfeiffer-Belli – «inserts of the Hessian Radio Corporation Designs by Elfi Zechner
WEberhard Hölscher – Wrappers for Reams. Means of Publicity Used by Old Paper-Mills
Jan Berger – Wolfgang Taube . Graphic Advertising Arts
J.J. de Lucio-Meyer – Smith, Kline & French Laboratories Limited · Publicity for Pharmaceutical Products
Armin Eichholz – Volpi. Playful Master in a Children’s World

Format: Magazine
Year: 1963
Client/Publisher: Bruckmann Verlag
Size: 230mm x 297mm