Gebrauchsgraphik, 4, 1955


Cover by Jacques Nathan-Garamond

Content includes:
The publicity of the German Federal Railways
Erik Stockmarr: Neue Plakate der SAS («Scandinavian Airlines System »)
New posters of the SAS
Bruno Bramanti, Italy, the wood engraver
Eberhard Hölscher: Walter Baum. Prospekte für eine Schriftgießerei
Prospectuses for a type foundry
Posters for the magazine «Life» Affiches pour la revue «Life»
Kurt Schwarz, Vienna. Book-covers and posters
Italian textiles in Vienna. A special show in a department-store
Advertisements and prospectuses
Exhibition of the «Land Baden-Württemberg». Results of a poster competition
The 65 th birthday of Dr. Eberhard Hölscher
Who is who?
«Boulevard», a type of the type foundry H. Berthold AG., Berlin and Stuttgart