Gebrauchsgraphik, 4, 1958


Content includes:
Carl Heussner – Through the year with the mails. Pages from the calendar of the Federal Postal Services for 1958
Eberhard Hölscher – Sigrid and Hans Lämmle. Advertising and book graphic art
Arnold Mardersteig – Bruno Bramanti illustrates Julius Caesar
Eberhard Hölscher – Order in the office. Advertising media of the F. Soennecken firm in Bonn
Hans Kuh – A picture-book from America
Werner Suhr – New photos by Peter Keetman
Ingeborg Meinecke – Help prevent fires! Results of a Swiss poster contest
Eberhard Hölscher – Old Russian picture-sheets
Franz Hermann Wills – «Westways». Covers for the monthly magazine of the Automobile Club of Automobil-Clubs Southern California
Alexandre Alexandre – Mose, a French cartoonist
Ludwig Ebenhöh – In Wuppertal you float through the air. Results of a poster contest

Format: Magazine
Designer/s: Stefan Bernacinski
Year: 1958
Client/Publisher: Bruckmann Verlag
Size: 230mm x 297mm