Novum Gebrauchsgraphik, 6, 1973


Format: Magazine
Designer/s: Victor Vasarely
Year: 1973
Client: Erhardt D. Stiebner
Size: 230mm x 297mm

Content includes:
Claus Carle – On the Reality of Phantasy – The Work of Ute and Hans Ulrich – Osterwalder, Hamburg
Alexandre Alexandre – Eric Malaise, Paris – Documentary and Advertising Photography
Remigius Netzer – Graphic Events – The Illustrator Erhard Gottlicher
Hans Kuh – Two New Display Types for Photo Composition
Jacques Paul Dauriac – Mt. Vesuvius in 19th Century Pictures – The Poetic Charm of Souvenirs from Naples
Jan Berger – \” Polygon \” – A Polygon of Porcelain and Glass – The New Style of the Rosenthal – Studio Line
Sigwart Blum – Guillermo Gonzales Ruiz and Ronald Shakespear – A Team of Graphic Artist from Argentina